Create an instant indoor imaginative play space with this charming playhouse play tent! The 43" sq. x 45"H indoor tent with a floor cover is crafted of durable soft polyester. Thanks to the simple, neutral colors and scalloped details that appeal to both parents AND kids, you can set up this imaginative play space anywhere in your home, from playroom to family room. Dreamers can add their own colorful mats, blankets and pillows for a truly personal get-away space.

A window on each side of the roof lets in light and air, and provides visibility inside and outside the tent. The easy-entry wide door on one side stays open with ties; or keep it closed for the perfect quiet spot to read a book or take an afternoon nap.

Assembly is easy—just slide the completed frame into the tent cover through the doorway, and get ready to set imaginations free! For indoor use.

Pro tip—when attaching the cover, start at the bottom and move upwards and to the side. Slide the tent cover onto the BOTTOM portion of the assembled frame first, making sure the windows (and scalloped sides) are roughly where they should be (just take a look at the assembled picture located on our website). Slide the fabric cover to the side to completely cover the frame, and slip the opposite corners into the tent cover. Attach with ties (bottom), voilà, and you're done!